Services Provided

First Consultation

• During my initial consultation, we discuss how we can solve your organizing problems.

Home Office and Paper Management Organizing

• Handling and processing of incoming and outgoing mail
• Organizing of bills, medical paperwork
• Creating and maintenance of filing systems for paper and electronic based records

Preserving Family Heirlooms

• Family memorabilia organizing including textiles, photographs and audio/visual materials
• Family tree and genealogy record organizing
• Conservation recommendations and best practice archival storage for family treasures

Business Office Organizing

• Creation of records inventories find out what records there are and where they are located
• Records appraisal to determine what records should stay and what can be purged and securely shredded
• Creating of file plans and retention schedules
• Advise on scanning and creating electronic records
• Advise on secure document destruction

Historical Preservation

• Cataloging of archive and memorabilia collections
• Rehouse artifacts with archival materials
• Advise on conservation treatments

About Me

My name is Marie O’Toole.

I am a qualified archivist with a passion for organizing. I love to organize papers, electronic files and personal collections into systems that are manageable and easy-to-maintain.

As a professional archivist for over 13 years, I have organized and preserved personal papers, artifacts, photographs and audio and video recordings for major institutions.

In my career working in major press company, public institutions and nonprofits, I’ve learned the skills and techniques to ensure proper preservation and storage to prolong the life of these treasures. I’ve also mastered the keys to keeping spaces functional and efficient, whether that space includes a home business, a busy household or a personal collection.

I started Organize Your Papers because I enjoy the process of helping people put things that are important to them in order. I believe that when your papers are organized, you feel better and other areas of your life begin to fall into place.

If you would like to organize your home office, small business or personal archive collection, I am here to make the process smooth, calm and stress-free. If you are working in an organization that needs a system to provide records management support, creating retention schedules and file plans, scanning and electronic records solutions Organize Your Papers can help.

I am a member of NAPO – the National Association of Professional Organizers.



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